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Bobby James / Racquet Tuner   USRSA #33097

Simply put, I like to provide a top notch same day racquet service. I start early and I am accommodating with drop offs and pickups. I am prompt. I enjoy my work and I'm good at it. I have been stringing professionally since the summer of 1979. When you are ready to get your racquet serviced I would like to tune it for you. I can also discuss string technology and characteristics. Or share observations about tennis related injuries and how they relate to racquet or racquet/string set up. 


Currently I am stringing throughout Brooklyn and the greater New York City area. I am located in Crown Heights. (Franklin and Montgomery)



You can text me, email me or call. 


You can also ship your racquets to me.

I used both  Prince 6000 and Prince Neos 1500 stringing machines.

Prince NEOS 1500

I have lectured about the evolution of racquets and string technology.

To get a racquet strung I need some basic information.


Best Phone #


String - pick a string

Tension - # that tells how loose or tight. If left blank racquet will be strung to the middle range.


Grommets - $15

Grip - replace or over grip.





RPM Blast Hurricane  $ 38

RPM Blast  16,17          46

RPM Blast Rough         46

Tonic(nat gut)                65

VS(nat gut)                    77

XCEL                             49



Live Wire XP                 $ 40

Live Wire Professional     48

Synthetic Gut                   32

TNT2  16,17                     37



FXP.                                 $40

Reflex MLT                        46

Sonic Pro                          39

Synthetic Gut                    35




4G  1.25                          $45

Adrenaline                        37

Alu Power Flouro              45

Element                             40

Savage                             38



Topspin Plus                     $37

Synthetic Gut w/duraflex    32




Black Code                       $42

NRG 2                                48 

X-one BiPhase                   49



NXT                                 $46

Ultimate Duo                      52



Custom / Hybrid stringing availabe.


Re-grip                             $15

Over-grip                             3


Own String:

Labor: $20 / Poly $25 / Nat Gut $30


* Taxes not included. 

Payment is Cash, Venmo or PayPal



Coming soon!


* Head of the line service.


* Reserve a string job through PayPal or     Venmo.


* Shipping services.


* Racquet Tuner Clothing line.


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Twitter: @racquettuner



Phone: 718 614 3588



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