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frumz.com/racquettuner.com is an amalgam of much of the knowledge, wisdom, and experience I have amassed over the years on a large array of subjects. I have been paid as a courier, to wash windows, as a bike messenger, to file paperwork, to test modules, to process bank checks, as a bartender, as a waiter, as a disc jockey, as a telemarketer, as a snowboard salesman, as a stone mason, as a farmers market vendor, to pick watermelons, to string racquets, to teach tennis, to assemble fitness equipment,to sell cars, to deliver newspapers, to sell mortgages, for financial planning, as a stocker broker/investment banker, as an artist.  



My success has been achieved by simply delighting the customer.






Bobby James

Phone: +1 718 614 3588

Email: bobby@frumz.com



Bobby James

Phone: +1 718 614 3588


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Twitter: @racquettuner



Phone: 718 614 3588



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